Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Jonny's Sister Valentine's Menu

Valentine’s Day….going out?? Staying in??

I feel totally embarrassed to admitting that I was one of those girls who was proposed to on Valentine’s Day. OK it is now out in the open and I am already feeling better!

There is one night in the whole year that I hate, and I mean really hate, going to a restaurant on and that is February 14th. I don’t know what gets into some restaurants but they just don’t seem to get it right, in fact some manage to get it incredibly wrong. From heart balloons tied to the back of your chair (yes it is true and I have sat on one once), to the dreaded so called romantic piped muzak being played throughout the dimly lit evening. They cram in as many tables à deux as they can possibly can which means that no matter how quiet you mutter sweeting nothings to each other the next door couple hear the whole lot. Then there is the food & drink from the set ‘Love Menu’. From the tepid and barely fizzing fizz with a mushy strawberry at the bottom of the glass to heart shaped food that follows. I can happily eat a heart shaped asparagus mousse but heart shaped potatoes, vegetables and salmon en croute is a step too far for me. Then of course you have the man that has been planning his move for months.  He is so in love with the beautiful woman opposite that he loses all sense of inhibition, grabs the wilting red carnation from the vase, leaps from the table and falls on one knee (which forces his outstretched leg to go under neighbouring table). The restaurant goes quiet, the tension mounts, everyone has their fork halfway between the plate and their mouth as they wait for girl to answer…..

Check out what we think the best staying in meal will be...

Mediterranean Fig & Mozzarella 

Crab & Salmon Fishcakes With Homemade Tartare Sauce 

Salted Caramel Choc Pots         

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