Wednesday, 1 June 2016

German Fair

So we are now back in the office after a week away travelling and visiting Germany for our first European retail show.

We left fairly early, 7:30am to be precise, and started our first road trip of the year! All the preparation was just about finished and the van loaded with stand and stock just hours before we left. Anyway, we did it, obviously with the help of our fantastic, JS team! Thankfully Jane and I spent the entire journey in hysterics and a whole 14 hours later we arrived! 

We got to our first B&B with still an hour and a half to go to the exhibition grounds, Das F├╝rstliche Gartenfest, Schloss Fasanerie. The first day was our set up day making sure the stand was complete and in pristine condition for all our customers. The show started at 10am each day and we were surrounded by such lovely people, the highlight has to be having a food stand opposite us that also sold prosecco, strawberries and cream! What a bonus! 

We love seeing our customers enjoying our products, even our little ones!
Above is the complete stand, have to say we thought it was a rather lovely, British looking stand! Who would have thought the weather would be so cold too, we ended up wearing most of Carina Hildebrandt's clothing, thank god she over packed!
Here's Carina Hildebrandt's stand. Note; very warm clothing!
So there you have it, the first road trip of the year! Stay tuned for our next adventures...

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