Friday, 27 September 2013

Famous for a day by Jane

The week before last I was invited up to 10 Downing Street as part of a team of small businesses to discuss ways that the government can help us. Apart from being hugely flattered, I had never been to Number 10 and was dying to see inside. After meeting up with everyone at the Horse Guards Hotel (lovely hotel so long as you don't get landed with the bill) we all trooped over to Number 10. We all felt very smug as we filed past all the tourists and through the gates, all desperately trying to look as though this was 'just another meeting with Dave'!

As you go through the door, you realise just what a huge building it is. Full of wonderful antique furniture and paintings. In fact in one room they have 2 Turners over a fireplace.

The meeting was very good, some excellent points were raised and we really felt that they were listening. After the meeting we had a tour of the place which was a mixture of beautiful formal rooms and old rooms that hadn't seen a lick of paint since Gladstone.

We managed a pic outside with Daniel Korski (Special Adviser to the PM) which was good as we were originally told that it might not be possible. Sadly I look like Daniel's mother who dropped by on her way to the shops!

All in all a great day and fingers crossed that some of our suggestions are put into action.