Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Perfect Blog

I think the hardest blog to write must be your first. How do I want to come across? Do I want to sound authoritative and experienced or more mysterious and enigmatic or do I just want to sound like me? But then I find myself asking am I interesting enough as 'just me' but if I try to come across as someone different will I be able to keep it up and do I then have to be like that in real life in case I meet someone who has actually read my blog. Right now I am very close to giving this whole blog idea up.
And (oh I know you should never start a sentence with 'and') then the next dilemma is what to write about. Do I write about something that I know about, have experience of, have been and visited, have owned at some point....or do I make up the whole thing and tell one big porky pie after another? And (there I go again) then of course the next thing to worry about is plagiarism.  I mean everything that I have in my head is from somewhere, something or someone else. I have absolutely nothing original in my head. Nothing. So does that mean that anything that I write could be, in some way, a form of plagiarism as it originated from someone else's doing? Will I be sued before I even get started?
Maybe us new bloggers should be made to wear learner plates until we get ourselves sorted so that people go easy on us as we find our feet. Like the trade mark symbol next to a company name we could have an L symbol in the top right corner of our blog. Basically it would mean that, for a certain amount of time, we can say and do what we want without fear of retribution.
How about I just feature guest bloggers? I could charge them exorbitant fees to be on my blog. I could then compile the blogs and publish a book. I would probably get loads of money, maybe even the Booker prize. I would be famous. I would never have to write my own blog. I would never have to try to be interesting, tell lies or worry about being sued. I could just be unoriginal me....

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